Monday, October 24, 2011

At last I have figured out how to upload photos, so here are a few from last weekend when the Genesis group joined other contemporary quilters at An Grianan for a weekend of total immersion in sewing and dyeing with some wonderful, stimulating company.

Above is Claire, starting to dye fabrics.
above are the dye buckets Meg and I were using along with some space dyed pieces I was working on.
Here is Ann, really delving into some intense space dyeing.
Here is the group of friends at An Grianan, unfortuanely Paula had left by this stage, but clockwise from the left: Claire, Meg, Irene, Ann, Margaret, Ann, Mary, Helen and Rose with Tracy behind the camera.
the weekend was great, the drive home horrendous due to the rain, but well worth it. I felt I'd had a much longer weekend and a very satisfying dyeing session.

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