Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally I got a post up!!

Contempory Quilting Group at An Grianán

Paula Rafferty

Thanks to the wonderful Margaret Mc Crory for the organising. It started as Irish members of the Contemporary Quilting group of the Quilters Guild of the Britain and ended up as eleven quilters, a mixed bunch, our Genesis group being among them. We met for tea at five thirty last Friday evening and then dragged all our bits and pieces into the two rooms.

We had one wet and one dry room. The wet room was a mass of dye buckets and basins as our Genesis group had made plans to group dye some fabrics for use in a new piece, so Tracy started mixing up dyes Friday evening and we got our fabrics soaked and ready for Saturday morning. Tracy Watson, Claire Lynch, Ann Bradshaw, Meg Kenny make up the Genesis group and the wonderful Irene Mac William made up the wet room group. while the dry room was the quiet room as I began to call it. Ann Fleeton, Mary Heseltine, Margaret Mc Crory, Helen Heron and Rose Little.
I went between the two rooms.

Everyone was working on different projects,
I left the dye mixing to the scientists as my adhoc dyeing methods would probably upset them!!!
So on it went for the weekend dyeing sewing and being fed what a treat.

The company was wonderful, I always come away from a weekend like that buzzing with renewed enthusiasm and ideas.
Had the worst drive home ever, very strong wind and torrential driving rain. Felt like the car was going to be lifted by the wind at any moment but got home safely eventually, Had to stop in the Kildare Village for some hot chocolate to keep me going and some retail therapy!!!!!
Got the fabrics washed out and dried Sunday evening but now my problem which one do I keep?
Stuck deciding between two pieces, what a tough life I have!!! May just have to dye some more.
Here's the finished pieces;

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